The Long View

Perhaps the most rewarding work I have done over the past 25 years is learning from and sharing ideas with other people working to align money and purpose. It is hard, it requires you to challenge your basic assumptions, and it pushes you to new ideas and innovations.

I have learned from practitioners and from CDFI clients, from Presidents and residents, and from allies and antagonists. Much of that occurred in person, thinking through an immediate challenge or problem. Sometimes it happened around a big opportunity. It might have been in the office or outside it. 

There is an excess of short-form (i.e., social media) information circulating about CDFIs, Impact Investing, Socially Responsible Investing, Social Enterprises, B Corporations and small business, Public Finance, and other efforts to align money and purpose. There is, however, a corresponding paucity of thoughtful, in-depth content and discussion to guide and inform leadership in all of those practices, particularly where they overlap or intersect.

The work of purpose-driven money has never been more important. We need a way to organize thought leadership.

Money+Purpose will take the long view in long form.

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