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Chicago Fed Reports on its 1st CDFI Friendly Communities Meeting

The Community Development & Policy Studies team at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is actively exploring the potential for the CDFI Friendly Communities model across its footprint. In a new blog post, the Bank’s Garvester Kelley and Josie Link summarize the need for new strategies to help CDFIs extend coverage to smaller markets despite CDFI […]

Jeremy Nowak, R.I.P.

Jeremy Nowak, a leader in community development finance and much more since the 1980s, passed away today. He recently suffered a massive heart attack. Jeremy was a close friend of mine for 25 years. He mentored me, taught me, encouraged me, supported me, challenged me, guided me, looked out for me, represented me, and inspired […]

The CDFI Fund has a New Strategy (Read it! It Affects You)

On October 27th, CDFI Fund Director Annie Donovan unveiled the Fund’s five-year strategy for 2017-2022. The 12-page document is required reading from every perspective in and around the CDFI Fund world–CDFIs, CDEs, investors, funders, trainers, consultants… It suggests the future of the the Fund is largely more of the same done better (in this decade, at least, that […]

Tactics + Strategy | Trump + Clinton

Last night’s Presidential debate in St. Louis was a study in tactics versus strategy. Donald Trump was tactical; Hillary Clinton was strategic. Both achieved their goals. Trump wanted to make it impossible for the Republicans to force him out as a result of his 2005 comments, unmasked on Friday, bragging about sexual assault. His tactic was to […]