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Investing Because People Matter

A new report out today profiles an emerging investment niche called “Labor Lens Investing” organized around financing opportunities that produce good financial results and improve working conditions along global supply chains. Labor Lens Investing: The Business Case for Fair Labor Practices breaks new ground in at least three ways: First, it is the only published analysis […]

How CDFIs Can Win in This Time of Trump

With Donald Trump about to take the oath of office as President of the United States and Republicans in command in Congress, the outline of what the CDFI industry might expect in federal policy changes seem to be coming into focus. It is not positive–in fact, it is alarming–and the conversations I have had with CDFI […]

Howard Schultz, Starbucks+CDFIs

Starbucks Chairman + CEO Howard Schultz announced this week that he is changing his role at the coffee company. He plans to concentrate on a new high-end business, large stores that are retail roasteries. It sounds like the cafe equivalent of microbreweries. The CDFI industry owes a lot to Schultz, who included CDFIs in Starbucks’ […]

Did Purpose Trump Money?

Warren Buffett famously said that when the tide goes out you find out who is wearing a bathing suit–in other words, who is prepared and who is not. We are in the ebb tide of the 2016 elections, and we are about to find out whether we will have a conventional, mainstream Republican ebb tide or a yuge […]

CDFIs+Trump: Now What?

Since Tuesday, I have heard from CDFI leaders sorting through what the election of President Trump along with a Republican Congress will mean for the CDFI Fund and CDFIs in general. Many people–including me–start with a general concern about federal policy broadly. I do not know any more than everyone else so I have been […]

Redlining on Exhibition

This past weekend, I went with my son and daughter to see an exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California exploring the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party.  Near the entrance was something I had never seen before: It is an original map (from 1933) of redlining illustrated. It was explained by these two […]

It’s No Accident

When I left Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) at the beginning of the summer, several people urged me to take the summer off. I did not know how to do that. I have been working full-time since college. One good friend asked me, “When was the last time you really didn’t work? Not vacations, but not […]