About Mark Pinsky

Mark Pinsky is a strategic leader, thinker, and writer who has advised major financial institutions and small nonprofits, three Presidential administrations and sixteen Congresses, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and community development financial institutions (CDFIs).

Over more than 30 years, he has worked as an entrepreneur, a C-level executive, and as a Board Member. His experience includes strategy, leadership, public policy, advocacy, and communications.

With particular expertise in public and internal communications, Pinsky helps organizations and their leaders connect their work to their personal and professional experiences in ways that amplify their ability to achieve their goals.

From 1995 into 2016, he led the CDFI industry as President & CEO of Opportunity Finance Network (OFN). CDFIs expanded under Pinsky’s leadership to play influential roles in a diverse range of fields including health and health care, education, housing, small business and jobs, corporate social responsibility, financial policy, and transportation. His achievements included visionary leadership, unprecedented brand visibility, extraordinary growth, and major federal policy changes.

He played a central policy role in the 1990s in the creation of the CDFI Fund in the Department of the U.S. Treasury and later played significant roles in creating New Markets Tax Credits, the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program, the Capital Magnet Fund, the Small Business Loan Fund, and other programs. In 2011, he led development of Create Jobs for USA in partnership with Starbucks, Google, Banana Republic, and other corporations; and participated in development of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, and the Communities at Work Fund with Citigroup.

Pinsky has served in leadership positions ranging from Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governor’s Community Advisory Council to Chair of the Board of Net Impact to Founding President of a synagogue in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is a Board Member of the Urban Empowerment Fund of the National Urban League, and formerly chaired the boards of AERIS, The CDFI Coalition, and other efforts. He serves on Bank of America’s National Community Advisory Board and has served on advisory boards for Wells Fargo, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, and BBVA Compass.

Speeches and Publications | Resume

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