Mayor Pete Buttigieg to Discuss the Potential for “CDFI Friendly South Bend”

The City of South Bend, IN, will host a one-day forum on June 4 led by Mayor Pete Buttigieg to discuss the community’s work to become the nation’s second CDFI Friendly Community. Bloomington, IN, became the first CDFI Friendly Community in late 2018 when it created CDFI Friendly Bloomington.

“Investing in Our Future: Expanding South Bend’s Commitment to Inclusive Economic Growth” will feature a keynote speech by Buttigieg, introduced by City Council President Tim Scott and Vice President Karen White.

The City of South Bend’s Department of Innovation & Technology has posted an update on plans for the event on its blog.

The plenary panel on principles for making South Bend “CDFI Friendly” will include Mayor Pete and:

Mayor John Hamilton of Bloomington, IN, reporting on his community’s progress,

Dan Letendre, Bank of America’s CDFI Executive and the dean of CDFI investors,

Christina Brooks, South Bend’s Diversity & Inclusion Officer, and

Adina Abramowitz, President of Consulting for Change.

A second panel will address a range of creative investment strategies in partnership with CDFIs, including tax credits and Opportunity Zones. It will feature:

Allison Clark, Associate Director for Impact Investing at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,

Keith Broadnax of Cinnaire, a large, regional CDFI,

Ignacio Esteban of Florida Community Loan Fund,

Regina Emberton of the South Bend-Elkhart Regional Partnership, and

Mike Keen, a leader in green development in the city.

South Bend’s CDFI Working Group will meet in the afternoon to discuss principles and goals for CDFI Friendly South Bend. The Working Group will decide after the meeting whether to pursue the CDFI Friendly approach.

The convening will feature local residents, community developers, bankers, CDFI leaders, credit union representatives, and elected officials. Participation is by invitation. The event will take place at South Bend’s Century Center.

Five/Four Advisors is working the City of South Bend and the South Bend CDFI Working Group on CDFI Friendly South Bend. For more information, write to



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