CDFI Friendly Bloomington Seeks a Founding Executive Director

The nation’s first CDFI-friendly community is seeking its first Executive Director.

The founding Board of Directors at CDFI Friendly Bloomington (IN) just released the job notice. For the right candidate, this is a chance to be part of history.

Formed late in 2018, this new approach to helping CDFIs provide affordable, flexible financing in smaller markets is operational. The Board is working on operating policies even as it negotiates its first transactions. CDFI Friendly Bloomington started with a $4 million capital fund to assist CDFIs based in other communities as they find and finance real estate, small businesses, and nonprofits in Bloomington and surrounding Monroe County. In addition, Bank of America has pledged long-term, low-cost financing to CDFIs that close investments in the Bloomington community.

To learn more about CDFI Friendly Bloomington, visit its web site.

To learn more about the CDFI Friendly model or to consider making your community CDFI Friendly, write to


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