Must Read: How the Trump White House Plans to cut Programs for Poor People

Even as the loud noise from Washington, DC, features political firings, secret taping, and the future of our political system, it pays to pay attention to mundane topics like the federal budget.

This story from Politico is worth a click. It explains how the Trump Administration is pushing Congress (which is not pushing back) to cut federal spending on programs benefitting and supporting poor people.

The headline says enough: “Republicans plan massive cuts to programs for the poor.”

Now, they’re weighing a plan to take the scalpel to programs that provide meals to needy kids and housing and education assistance for low-income families.

For CDFIs and others working to bring resources to some of the people who would be affected by the White House strategy, the politics might get tricky. The implicit endorsement of the CDFI Fund in the recent continuing budget resolution, coupled with growing interest at the White House in what CDFIs bring to the table, suggest CDFIs might be proposed as solutions to problems that result from budget cuts in other programs–a solution that seems off-target in theory and fact.

Of course, with rising uncertainty about what the Congress will be able to get done this year, few people know what to expect except those that expect the unexpected.

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