Trump Budget Watch

There is no official Trump Budget yet so the reports you read and hear about are informed speculation, at best. The reports seem to confirm widespread thinking that the White House’s domestic agenda is based in large part on The Heritage Foundation’s Blueprint for Balance.

Yesterday the word was that The CDFI Fund is targeted for elimination. Now the talk in DC and across the community development industry is that NeighborWorks also is targeted for elimination.

While we piece together the specifics and try to assess the challenges of the White House’s plans, Sharon Parrott of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) has posted a helpful overview of declining domestic spending on discretionary programs.

For context, Parrott explains,

Measured as a share of the economy, [non-discretionary domestic] spending is already projected to hit the lowest point on record next year in data going back to 1962: 3.09 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). (The current record low is 3.12 percent.) The Trump proposal would cut it further, likely to below 3 percent.

What are you hearing? Let us know at or by commenting below.

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  1. David Erickson-Pearson · · Reply

    Whoa! This sounds serious!


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