Monthly Archives: January 2017

Do CDFIs Hit Their Targets?

by Oscar Gonzales and James Greer The authors recently published an important monograph on CDFIs, the first analysis of its kind. This is the second part of their summary of key findings. The authors wish to stress that the opinions and views expressed here are theirs and theirs alone and do not reflect the position […]

How CDFIs Can Win in This Time of Trump

With Donald Trump about to take the oath of office as President of the United States and Republicans in command in Congress, the outlineĀ of what the CDFI industry might expect in federal policy changes seem to be coming into focus. It is not positive–in fact, it is alarming–and the conversations I have had with CDFI […]

Indivisible? Well, Maybe.

Now the action starts. With Congress in session and the President-elect in motion, we will start to see what Trump’s Washington means for the rest of us. I am hearing and seeing two main perspectives on how the new political alignment will play out. The first trusts that Washington’s tendency to muddle itself will slow […]