Monthly Archives: November 2016

CDFIs+Trump: Now What?

Since Tuesday, I have heard from CDFI leaders sorting through what the election of President Trump along with a Republican Congress will mean for the CDFI Fund and CDFIs in general. Many people–including me–start with a general concern about federal policy broadly. I do not know any more than everyone else so I have been […]

CDFIs+Policy: Just in Time for the Elections

A new monograph takes the deepest, most insightful look yet at the role of CDFIs in policy and the political economy. Jim Greer and Oscar Gonzales–a political scientist and an economist, respectively–take a thorough look at the market conditions that make CDFIs matter and how policy has evolved as a result of them. Community Economic […]

The CDFI Fund has a New Strategy (Read it! It Affects You)

On October 27th, CDFI Fund Director Annie Donovan unveiled the Fund’s five-year strategy for 2017-2022. The 12-page document is required reading from every perspective in and around the CDFI Fund world–CDFIs, CDEs, investors, funders, trainers, consultants… It suggests the future of the the Fund is largely more of the same done better (in this decade, at least, that […]